Women with Disabilities and Deaf Women Program

This text is available in ASL videoThe Women with Disabilities and Deaf Women’s Program responds to community-identified needs to address barriers to service for abused women with disabilities and Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing women.

This program works to meet the range of diverse needs identified by women with disabilities and Deaf/hard of hearing women themselves; as well as supporting the work of service providers and advocates committed to enhancing and increasing greater access to services for all women.

We believe strongly that partnerships are essential to ensuring greater success in efforts to be inclusive for all women. Some of the work includes:

  • accessibility audits
  • agency consultation
  • training
  • material development, and
  • working with community and leadership development among women with disabilities and Deaf women.

The Women with Disabilities and Deaf Women's Program from Springtide Resources on Vimeo.

Current Projects

Inclusive Violence Against Women Shelters for Older Women with Disabilities and Older Deaf Women

New Resource Guide and Videos!  

Springtide Resources implemented a project that sets out to address the challenges in accessing Violence Against Women (VAW) shelters in Ontario for older Deaf women and older women with disabilities.

Resource Guide

Springtide Resources Access to Shelters with Closed Captioning

Springtide Resources Access to Shelters - ASL Version

Springtide Resources Access to Shelters with Descriptive Video


Improving Access to Violence Against Women Services for Women with Disabilities

Springtide provides videos and other online resources to agencies and workers on providing accessible services to women with disabilities as required by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Queer Deaf Womyn: Violence and Harassment Education

An initiative of Ontario Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf in partnership with Springtide Resources, this project addresses issues related to same sex partner abuse in the Deaf Queer womyn’s community through the development of ASL (American Sign Language) resources including workshops that are linguistically and culturally specific to the needs of the Deaf community.

Rainbow ASL Health (RAH)

This collaborative initiative between ORAD, Rainbow Health Network and Springtide Resources will develop ASL scripts depicting case studies on barriers experienced by the Deaf Queer community in accessing health care services.

Sexuality and Access Project

The goal of this two-year initiative, funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, is to give Ontarians with disabilities greater control over their lives by providing them and their personal service attendants with the skills and knowledge to protect and develop their sexual health and safety.

Training for Deaf and ASL-English Interpreters to Work with Women Victims of Violence

An exciting collaboration between Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic and Springtide Resources, this project will develop and deliver intensive training to ASL-English Interpreters and Deaf Interpreters ensuring greater access to VAW services that are linguistically and culturally specific to Deaf women experiencing or fleeing violence.

Recent Projects

Digital Storytelling: Stories Against Violence

This project uses storytelling and mixed media to create educational videos about violence.

Service Coordination for Women with Disabilities

This project focuses on developing and implementing a series of small workshops for attendant services providers on issues related to supporting women living within attendant service projects who are fleeing violence.

Supporting Female Trauma Survivors Living with Disabilities

This project includes the development and implementation of a support group for female trauma survivors living with disabilities and the development of a corresponding training module.

Breaking New Ground

Developed in partnership with the Family Service Association of Toronto, this project promoted awareness about violence and abuse against women living with intellectual disabilities and increasing access to services for women with intellectual disabilities.

Roots of Equality: Tip Sheet for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Parents

This initiative provides ASL material for Deaf parents and educators to assist in helping the young people in their lives build positive, healthy friendships and dating relationships free from violence.