Strategic Directions

Strategic Direction One

Building the Springtide Resources’ Capacity and Sustainability

Goal 1: Efficient and Effective Systems and Operations

To create and implement accountable and comprehensive governance, operational and administrative systems an roles that facilitate and strengthen Springtide’s programming and services.

Goal 2: Resource Development for Sustainable Funding

To engage Springtide’s stakeholders in a cost-effective and sustainable action plan to raise funds from a diversified group of funders (government, private, foundations, and individual sources, etc.) to ensure the long-term sustainability of Springtide’s core operations and services.

Strategic Direction Two

Goal: Technology enhanced education and training

To provide cutting-edge tools and resources through current electronic media to build healthy relationship and prevention intimate violence.

Strategic Direction Three

Goal: Focused training and consultation to systems and sectors

To develop cross-sectoral partnerships that bring Springtide’s training and consultations to more traditional environments that will deliver the most impact and reach.

Strategic Direction Four

Goal: Building self-sustaining VAW prevention within emerging communities

To suppose diverse and emerging communities to deliver their own VAW programming through existing leadership, capacity and systems.

Strategic Direction Five

Goal: Branding and image development and an increased presence and voice

To enhance the profile and increase the reach of Springtide Resources as a VAW prevention expert and voice for change among communities, partners, funders, and the public.