Sexuality and Access Project

The Sexuality and Access Project is two-year initiative, funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The goal of the project is to give Ontarians with disabilities greater control over their lives by providing them and their personal service attendants with the skills and knowledge to protect and develop their sexual health and safety. 

A number of resources were developed including:

  • Survey Summary:  Year 1 comprised of an online anonymous survey, individual interviews and focus groups; stories/experiences shared by people using attendant services and attendants on issues related to sexuality and sexual support.
  • DVD/Facilitator Manual and Train-the-Trainer Workshops: Year 2 resulted 29 people in three locations in Ontario trained to facilitate discussions on sexuality and disability, along with resources including a DVD and Facilitator Manual. 
Ontario Trillium Foundation
Associated Staff: 
Fran Odette