New ASL videos with legal information

METRAC: Action on Violence and Springtide Resources have partnered to launch two new video resources in American Sign Language that aim to provide family law information at times of family breakdown. These videos were produced in consultation with the Deaf community and feature Deaf actors.

The first video covers the topic of Child Custody and Access.

The second video covers the topic of the Victim Witness Assistance Program.

METRAC and Springtide Resources wish to thank the Deaf women who participated in the consultation and production process: your contributions to the success of these videos shine through. Many thanks to Silent Voice, ARCH Disability Law Centre, Wendy Rowland (Film Director) and Catharine Butler (Project Manager). Thank you also to the Canadian Hearing Society, the Ontario Women’s Directorate and the Law Foundation of Ontario for their invaluable contributions.

More information at the FLEW website and the ASL FLEW website.