Youth Program

Welcome to the Springtide Resources Youth Program page!

We work to ... Cultivate healthy relationships to ourselves, our peers, and in our communities; centre our voices, affirm our differences, and celebrate our resiliency; imagine and build a world without violence.

Current Projects

Family Matters / Transforming Our Truths

Family Matters is an intensive arts-based workshop series for 2SLGBTQQI (two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, questioning, and intersex) youth (16-29) who have experienced familial homophobia and/or transphobia. The project works to support participants in healing from these harmful experiences, affirm and build upon their resilience in the face of violence and oppression, and provide increased skills and opportunities for youth to imagine and actualize lives built around and sustained by healthy relationships.

Chapters - A Family Matters Project Digital Story from Springtide Resources on Vimeo.


Home - A Family Matters Project Digital Story from Springtide Resources on Vimeo.


Sing it Like You Mean It - A Family Matters Project Digital Story from Springtide Resources on Vimeo.


Between Two Worlds - A Family Matters Project Digital Story from Springtide Resources on Vimeo.


the butcher's beauty school - A Family Matters Project Digital Story from Springtide Resources on Vimeo.

Ways To Get Involved

We create spaces, relationships, and materials that provide youth with mentorship, capacity-building, leadership, and skills-development opportunities such that we may better understand and address the violence and barriers that we (our peers and communities) experience in our lives.

  • Workshops and trainings
    • Our team of Peer Educators and our Program Coordinator deliver fun (!!) and interactive workshops in high school and community settings on topics such as bullying, anti-oppression, social location, identity, and intersectionality, allyship and solidarity, homophobia and transphobia in our families, self-care, gender-based violence, and healthy relationships.
  • Peer Educator program
    • We train young people in Toronto to design and facilitate workshops in their communities that address the issues most important to them.
  • Special projects
    • Depending on the needs and dreams of our team, we develop and run projects to explore specific issues.

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Past Projects

T-GUAVA (Summer 2010)

This initiative developed resources for trans people on abuse issues. View these resources in our Information and Resources section.

Jasmin (Summer 2009)

The program produced a one time edition of Jasmin Magazine, an online magazine by and for young Palestinian-Canadian women.