Understanding Family & Immigration Law through E-Learning

The purpose of this project is to pilot an online course designed to introduce VAW (violence against women) front-line workers to the most critical family, immigration and refugee law issues for women leaving abusive relationships. It will provide participants with current, relevant and accessible legal information so that they can assist their clients in navigating the legal system.

Project course objectives:

* To present information about family, immigration and refugee law that is relevant to and reflective of the needs of women leaving abusive relationships
* To provide an intersectional analysis for the teaching, that acknowledges the very different social locations of women, especially those women who are marginalized for one or more reasons, and the impact this has on their interaction with the legal system and related services and supports
* To provide legal information that is current, accurate and realistic
* To make clear the difference between legal information and legal advice and to establish that this information is NOT a replacement for legal advice and representation
* To provide Increased knowledge and ability to access legal information as it applies to violence against women
* To increase the effectiveness of participants in interventions in situations where woman abuse is suspected or has been identified

The 10-week pilot course was delivered online through York University, Division of Continuing Education, from April to June 2008. An extensive evaluation process will determine next steps for the project and online learning at Springtide Resources.

Funder / Funding Information:
This project is generously supported by a grant from The Law Foundation of Ontario

Partner Name: York University, Division of Continuing Education, Atkinson College
Partner Website: http://www.atkinson.yorku.ca/~dce/

Associated Staff: Catharine Butler, Project Coordinator, 416-968-3422 ext. 25, cbutler@womanabuseprevention.com

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