Working Together: A Guide to Developing Good Practice

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Springtide Resources
Springtide Resources and Family Services Toronto

This guide brings together the ideas and knowledge of different people working in two different sectors: the violence against women sector and those working in the developmental services sector.

The authors of this guide and the video participants have all been involved in “Breaking New Ground”, a project developed to address violence against women with intellectual disabilities. The goals of this project are:

  • To provide information and training to people working with labeled women who are abused or at risk of abuse; and
  • To work with labeled women who want to take part in violence education and prevention.

We have learned a great deal through our collaborative work on this project, and through working on issues related to disability and violence against women in general. We continue to learn, and this affects the way we approach our work. Our practice is always developing and evolving. This guide highlights these 5 ‘developing practices’. We wanted to share ways to improve services so that women living with intellectual disabilities are included, and the issues that concern them are addressed.