Nellie's Position Paper on Disability

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In 2011, Nellies’s Social Justice Committee developed a position paper to explore the issues of accessibility and ableism.  Springtide Resources, along with other key stakeholders in the community, provided feedback as to the direction of the position paper.  In June of 2011, a focus group was held.  20 women with lived experience attended.  The feedback of the focus group and other key stakeholders informed the final draft.

The position paper has provided a framework for delivering appropriate and relevant programs and services to women with disabilities.   An example of which is "Women on the Move: A Psycho/Educational Support Group for Women with Disabilities,” a program that began at Nellie’s Community Support and Outreach office, in partnership with Springtide Resources.

Excerpt from the position paper:

“Ableism” can be defined as a set of beliefs and practices that values able bodied persons over those with disabilities. Non-normative bodied people are viewed as unproductive, unworthy, and are excluded through individual, systemic and structural barriers. Ableism assumes that people with disabilities want to be ‘cured’ of their disability or that the lives of people with disabilities are horrific and undesirable. Similarly, audism can be defined as the devaluation of people who are Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing.  An example of this would be assuming that sign language is an inferior language and/or the cultural ways of Deaf people are somehow inferior."

See the full report on Nellie's website or download at the link below.

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