Initiating Support for Female Victims of Trafficking in Toronto: Findings & Recommendations

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The following report documents findings and recommendations on how public-sector and voluntary-sector agencies can contribute to and collaborate on support to victims of trafficking in persons.

The report is based on a 12-month project aimed at:

  • building supports for women who are survivors of human trafficking
  • providing information to front line service providers from various sectors about the issue
  • creating outreach materials informing survivors of the supports available.

The report identifies the learnings of the Project Coordinator and the Advisory Committee members, the barriers faced in the completion of the project and the rationale of the interventions recommended.

Funding for this Project was provided by the Government of Ontario, Ministry of the Attorney General, Ontario Victim Services Secretariat Community Grants Program.  The views and opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the Government of Ontario.  Additional funding was provided by the Canadian Women’s Foundation.