If Low Income Women of Colour Counted in Toronto

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This document is designed to be an impetus to action among policymakers and women's, social justice and municipal advocates alike. It provides an initial sketch of the realities, perspectives and ideas of low income women, mainly women of colour, rarely seen in the public eye. As such it is a rich resource for those working for progressive change in neighbourhoods and at City Hall.

Written & Researched by Punam Khosla, published by The Community Social Planning Council of Toronto, the main body is divided into four sections. Section One, The Big Picture, provides a statistical and policy analysis of the situation of low-income and racialized women in the City of Toronto. The issues and concerns raised by participants and community advocates in the course of the project are documented in detail in Section Two Women's Insights and Experiences. The specific recommendations arising from these conversations are laid out in Section Three Ideas for Change. Finally, Section Four The Project and How It Was Done documents the many components and activities of Breaking Isolation, Getting Involved that resulted in these findings.