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For the past several years, the South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario (SALCO) has been spearheading the Forced Marriage Project focusing on the addressing the myriad of social, political and legal issues regarding the practice of forced/non-consensual marriage.  The project is currently in its third phase and SALCO is conducting a national survey to determine the prevalence of forced marriages in Canada and the resources and tools needed by the social services sector as well as make policy recommendations based on the collected data.


As an organization that is a community resource for individuals facing domestic violence and is engaged in violence prevention initiatives and a frontline worker who is in direct contact with individuals dealing with forced marriages, we request your participation in the survey and ask that you fill out the attached Information and Consent Form as well as the survey for each forced marriage client that you and/or your organization has dealt with since January 2010. (Even if you were only initially contacted by the client once through phone or email and did not actually meet with them, please still include the client and answer question 3 (Number of contacts) as 1.) The Information and Consent form only needs to be filled out once by the person filling out the surveys. English and French versions of the forms are attached; please complete the Information and Consent Form and the survey in the language of your preference.


As this is a national survey, please forward this to your contacts in all provinces.


Your contribution to this project and in this step to combat domestic violence is greatly appreciated. Please visit for reference. If you need any further details or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Forced Marriage Project Coordinator, Maryum Anis at (416) 487-6371 or via email at


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Maryum Anis

Forced Marriage Project Coordinator

South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario

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