Creating Safer Schools for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Youth: A Resource for Educators Concerned with Equity

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Springtide Resources

Created by Springtide Resources (formerly Education Wife Assualt) in 1999 and updated in 2002, this manual provides information, personal stories and strategies for educators on supporting young people.

From "Creating Safer Schools":

Homophobia is not strictly a school problem. It is a societal problem which takes a particularly ugly and destructive form in schools, where the victims are children and youth at the most insecure and vulnerable stage in their lives. Challenging forms of oppression and prejudice is the task of everyone in a position of trust and responsibility vis-a-vis young people.

There are many good reasons for sensitizing yourself to the ways in which homophobia is expressed in your school and taking steps to eradicate it. Teachers, counsellors, librarians and administrators have a unique opportunity and responsibility to deal early with social issues and social skills. Accurate information that will help break down myths and stereotypes can effectively be included in many sections of curricula and courses.