Weaving a Knowledge Web


In the presence and in the aftermath of violence, many people believe they cannot learn. This project will build a broad-based partnership that promotes and extends knowledge exchange about addressing the impacts of violence on learning through an innovative, interactive website (www.learningandviolence.net).

This website is a multi-media resource to support literacy learning. The site is currently in use in a pilot stage (details below). Further development is planned to enhance its capacity as a hub for relevant knowledge on all aspects of the impact of violence on learning. The website will provide interdisciplinary research-based evidence on how to recognise and address the impacts of violence. It also offers a dynamic environment for practice-based knowledge exchange within, and beyond, the adult literacy field amongst researchers, educators, learners, health professionals, counsellors, healers and others. As such, it will enable all learning stakeholders to benefit from existing knowledge and enhance learning outcomes.

The primary objectives of this project are to develop the recently launched website into:

* An ongoing knowledge exchange mechanism on the impact of violence on learning for researchers, educators, policy-makers, tutors and learners in the Canadian adult literacy field by inviting input and participation into the creation of a sustainable virtual network. * An interactive tool that brings stakeholders together to form a community of interest to establish common priorities and areas of concern for 2006-7 and beyond. * An exciting educational tool by identifying and adapting priority content for the website. * A useful model for adapting research into accessible formats and for sharing innovative programming so that it becomes useable to a much broader community. * A vehicle for bringing in and sharing the expertise of related and relevant communities, such as the violence prevention, therapeutic, artistic and holistic communities.

Canadian Council on Learning (CCL)
Associated Staff: 
Marsha Sfeir