Roots of Equality (2006-ongoing)

This project is a partnership between Springtide Resources and the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO). Together we have been working to prevent violence against women and girls.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to reach all 65,000 public elementary teachers in Ontario and thousands of parents and children with a consistent message about equal, healthy relationships.

To achieve this goal the project has created:

  • Tips for Educators” in English and French;
  • Tips for Parents” in English, French, Spanish, Punjabi, Tamil, Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, Somali, Russian, Tagalog, Korean, plain English and American Sign Language(ASL);
  • in partnership with the Ontario Native Education Counselors’ Association a parent brochure was developed and distributed in Ojibway;
  • story based curriculum in English on equal healthy relationships for use with grades 1-8 that addresses the themes Family, Friends, School, Community Connections and the Media;
  • workshop material for grade 7-8 girls on “Building Equal Healthy Relationships”, “Friends Making a Difference”, “Gender Based Violence”, and “The Media”; and
  • a K-8 story based curriculum on the same themes is available in French with separate lessons for immersion and core French teachers.

All materials are available free.

In addition teachers are being trained across the province to deliver the curriculum. For information on workshops and to receive a hard copy of the material contact Carol Zavitz, Equity and Women’s Services, ETFO,

Government of Ontario, Ontario Women’s Directorate
Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario

Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario

Associated Staff: 
Marsha Sfeir