Family Law Education for Women

The goals of this project are to inform and enable vulnerable and isolated women in Ontario who are facing family issues to make their own decisions with the benefit of accurate and relevant legal information. This will be accomplished by making information accessible to women who would otherwise be isolated or disadvantaged due to recent immigration and/or religious, ethno-cultural, language, rural and other factors limiting their access to information and ability to exercise their rights.

To meet the overall goal of this project, four practical objectives have been set:

1. To assess needs on a provincial basis to determine, on a priority basis:

  • which women are isolated and vulnerable due to social, location and other factors, and therefore most in need of legal information and support on family matters
  • the kinds of information required by vulnerable women facing family issues
  • the resource formats that best serve the project constituencies identified
  • the channels of community outreach that best serve the project constituencies identified

2. To develop information materials according to the specifications produced by the needs assessment outlined above.

3. To distribute information materials to their intended audiences through a process of community outreach, including the participation of a wide range of government and non-government agencies in Ontario.

4. To evaluate the project through a process that provides feedback to enable adjustments during the project, as well as to produce a final evaluation of the project’s end results.

The Ontario Women's Directorate
Associated Staff: 
Marsha Sfeir
Project Outcomes: 

Family Law Education for Women