Building Bridges Across Barriers

Building Bridges Across Barriers is an innovative project that brings together women with Disabilities, Deaf women, and Immigrant/Refugee/Newcomer women for an integrated, community-based, participant-led leadership training series, building on the skills, experience, and knowledge of all the participants involved.

This initiative creates opportunities for different communities to identify overlapping identities, build solidarity, and create allies in ending violence against women, while breaking away from traditional modes of education and skill development.

Who was involved:

  • Deaf Women
  • Women with Disabilities
  • Immigrant, Refugee, and Newcomer Women

Our Goal:

To create spaces for dialogue, knowledge sharing, and training using an integrated anti-oppression and feminist approach in addressing violence against women, its impacts on marginalized communities, and the need for systemic change.


  • Discuss areas of oppression faced by marginalized women
  • Identify and share parallels in women’s experiences of oppression
  • Explore accessibility, inclusion, and diversity as defined by marginalized women
  • Redefining traditional meaning of an ally

The Project:

Some of the topics covered in the workshop and training series include:

  • Violence Against Women
  • Privilege and Power
  • Understanding Internalized Oppression
  • Building Allies
  • Resistance and Activism

BBAB from Springtide Resources on Vimeo.

Canadian Women's Foundation