myMSG [ My Message ] Project






140 characters.

A text message.A status update.  A tweet

Ever wondered how powerful 140 characters can be?  


myMSG [my message] is a project by Springtide Resources that uses the power of positive messages to address bullying.  The project aims to connect with hundreds of youth ages 15-24 and collect 365 unique messages, each being 140 characters long, short enough to fit as a text, a status update, or a tweet.


Why myMSG

Social media and text messaging are the most common ways that youth connect with each other today.  Like mainstream popular media, these spaces can be filled with negative images that send the wrong message about our bodies and our identities but positive messages from one’s peers can be powerful tools in building self-esteem and thus, the start of healthier relationships. 

Messages of hope, positivity, and celebration can touch many in the simplest of ways, and reach those who otherwise may never access services, come across barriers, or seek help.  myMSG will collect 365 messages from youth, one for each day of the year.   A calendar of messages will be produced, and various social media will be used to release each unique 140-character line everyday. 

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myMSG received funding from City of Toronto in its first year and has now received funding from TD Canada Trust, and TELUS Community Grants Program to continue into 2014.