Celebrating you with #LoveNotLabour
#LoveNotLabour image for Mother's Day Campaign


This Mother’s Day, Springtide Resources hopes you will send #LOVEnotLABOUR

Traditionally on Mother’s Day, we shower those we love with flowers and gifts to honour and recognize the importance of their role in our lives. 

This Mother’s Day let’s think about ALL mothers:

-    Your mother
-    My mother
-    Those who have mothering roles in our lives
-    Mother Nature
-    And especially the mothers working under grueling conditions to grow cheap flowers for us.

The globalized flower market is fraught with controversial labour practices that are exploitative because it relies on low-wage earners - mostly women - who work the hardest to afford rent, childcare, food and schooling costs. In countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zimbabwe women and children act as a reserve army of labour. The majority of these markets rely on purchases from North America and the irony is that these beautiful flowers are grown under appalling conditions for women, especially mothers, including exploitation, low wages and violence. 

This year, in lieu of the hard-earned dollars you would normally spend on a few short-lived blooms this Mother’s Day, celebrate their true spirit with a gift that lasts, has a real impact and will make ALL MOTHERS, including flower workers, feel appreciated!

Purchase your #LoveNotLabour bouquet now by clicking here (be sure to choose your donation amount and select 'In Memory/In Honour of' with the eCard option):


Our Mother’s Day campaign is to raise awareness about gender-based violence and an invitation to hope for meaningful ways to show our love and respect for the hardworking moms that we all have in our lives! 

Springtide Resources is working to end gender-based violence with a focus on the rights of women and children, so this Mother’s Day we are raising awareness about the violence and injustice faced by women all over the world and how we, here in Canada, can make a difference. All proceeds will benefit our Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Program to support advocacy and systemic change in the lives of newcomer women and their families.