Digital Storytelling: Stories Against Violence

In collaboration with Deaf Women Against Violence Everywhere (DWAVE), the project focuses on producing 3-5 minute videos about violence and simultaneously provides participants with the opportunity to learn about how to use computers and media techonology.

Some of the objectives of this project include:

  • Designing and planning an accessible digital storytelling program to explore violence issues facing Deaf women and girls
  • Empowering Deaf young women and girls to be able to represent themselves and tell their stories through digital storytelling.
  • Using digital stories as a tool to engage communities in understanding violence against Deaf women and girls

Some of the planned activities include:

  • Offering a digital storytelling program (around 10 workshops, 3 hours each) to DWAVE members, new members etc; in this group we will create a collection of digital stories
  • Offering a digital storytelling program to young women and girls
  • DWAVE members may be involved as peer leaders in this program, do outreach for the participants and so on
  • Holding an event to showcase the digital stories
  • Put digital stories on a website and share with the world!
Canadian Women's Foundation and The City of Toronto Access, Equity and Human Rights Grant

Central Neighbourhood House

Associated Staff: 
Fran Odette