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2014-2015 Annual Report

Check out our latest Annual Report! It is interactive! Click on any title in the table of contents to be taken directly to that section Click on the resources on pages 4 and 11 to be taken directly...

Beyond the Fence: Cattle in Transit (PDF)

A recent study* has revealed that more and more young girls view harassment as 'normal' and part of everyday life.  'Beyond The Fence' is Springtide Resources’ newest visual campaign to raise...

Nellie's Position Paper on Disability

In 2011, Nellies’s Social Justice Committee developed a position paper to explore the issues of accessibility and ableism.  Springtide Resources, along with other key stakeholders in the...

An Estimation of the Economic Impact of Spousal Violence in Canada 2009 (Department of Justice)

Executive Summary This report provides an estimate of the economic impact of spousal violence that occurred in Canada in 2009. Spousal violence is a widespread and unfortunate social reality that...

Working Together: A Guide to Developing Good Practice

This guide brings together the ideas and knowledge of different people working in two different sectors: the violence against women sector and those working in the developmental services sector. The...

[Archives] Support Worker

Taking An Intersectional Approach: How We Can Improve Services For Newcomers Experiencing Violence (Summary Report)

Summary Report of the 2012 Needs Assessment for the Immigrant and Refugee Women Program

[Archives]: Safety Planning

Archived from 2006
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