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Transforming our Communities: Report from the Domestic Violence Advisory Council for the Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues

In the fall of 2007, the Domestic Violence Advisory Council, which consisted of 15 individuals with expertise on violence against women, was established to provide advice on improving the existing...

Survivor Voices: Welcoming Women to Make Change

Survivor Voices is a project, undertaken by the Ontario Association of Interval and Transitional Houses (OAITH) in 2007/08, that over the period of about a year, sought out the ideas, insights and...

Violence in Dating Relationships

Dating violence is a significant and widespread social problem. It is expressed in a range of harmful behaviours — from threats, to emotional maltreatment, to physical and sexual aggression. While...

Inquest Recommendations: Gillian Hadley and Ralph Hadley

The murder of Gillian Hadley and the suicide by Ralph Hadley resulted in extensive recommendations from the jury.

Inquest Recommendations: Arlene May and Randy Iles

The jury provided extensive recommendations based on the inquest into the murder of Arlene May and the suicide of Randy Iles.

Inquest Recommendations: Andrew Osidacz and Jared Osidacz

The inquest in the deaths of Andrew and Jared Osidacz resulted in 35 recommendations from the jury.

The Role of Military Culture in Military Organizations’ Responses to Woman Abuse in Military Families

This article by Deborah Harrison from the The Sociological Review, 54:3, Oxford, UK, reports on a study of the Canadian Forces’ (CF’s) response to woman abuse in military families.

Femicide List 2011: Women Murdered by Intimate Partner

This annual list of women murdered in Ontario where an intimate partner was charged or committed suicide is compiled by OAITH, the Ontario Association of Interval and Transitional Houses.

I Want to Be Free: Older Women's Right to Live Independently with Dignity

Written by Jenny Horsman, this issue paper is intended as a tool to raise awareness about the abuse of older women. Although much of this data comes from Ontario, it is not intended as a description...
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