New QTBIPOC Zine Workshop Series!

Presenting a new Springtide Resources workshop series! We are proud to present the new QTBIPOC Zine making workshop series! We are currently in week two of the series and invite anyone who identifies as a Queer, Trans*, or Bi Person of Colour to join in!

Below you will find details on this weeks workshop! Please feel free to invite your friends and share widely!


Week 2: Media Representation of QTPOC and indigenous people

The second of 6 workshops, this is a weekly space for self-identified QTBIPOC (queer trans black indigenous people of color) youth to discuss and engage with issues we face and to create zines together. 

- How are people of color and indigenous people portrayed in what you watch, play, read?
- Does that effect how you navigate the world and your body? How?
- Who do you identify with on TV, in videogames, in books? 
- Which media got it right? And what can we do to promote them?
- How do we begin to create counter-narratives? 

This week, we will discuss how we are represented and not represented in the media we engage in. We will talk about our favorite TV shows, movies, videogames, etc. and how people of color are portrayed within them. We will discuss how important counter-narratives are, how they challenge white supremacist cultural logics, and how they work to reclaim our complexities and our queerness. We will talk about how telling our own complex beautiful stories through zine-making allows us to expand our racial identities to meet our queer/transness. And lastly, we will talk about how celebrating our narratives not only critiques the present, but shapes our image of the future.

And then, as always, we’ll zine about it!!

The workshops will take place at Springtide Resources, Suite 220, 215 Spadina. Our offices are wheelchair accessible and scent free. Please email Loulwa Habli at for any dietary or accessibility needs. 

Snacks will be provided! Feel free to bring your own food too. Try to arrive before 6 PM before the doors and elevators lock, otherwise you can call Springtides if you are locked out for someone to come let you in.