myMSG 2013 Calendars For Sale!

The myMSG (“my message”) project brought together six Toronto youth to talk about the experiences and impacts of positive and negative messages in our lives, and then took that conversation into classrooms and youth groups across the city. In the spring/summer of 2012, we facilitated 20 workshops with over 350 youth between the ages of 13 and 30.

TaeHu with myMSG Calendar artWe talked about the many negative ideas and messages circulating in our communities and the fact that these messages are connected to larger ideas and systems that value certain people and lives more than others.

We want to work with our youth peers to think critically about and work to change those ideas and systems because they are hurting us. We also want to create and share new and different ideas and messages that BUILD US UP and CELEBRATE OUR VALUE!  At the end of every workshop, we asked youth to submit a positive message 

– something they would like to receive themselves, or send to a friend or stranger.  The Peer Educators then put together a 16-month calendar containing these positive messages (January 2013-April 2014).

If you would like a copy of this calendar, for yourself, a friend, a colleague, a teacher who works with youth, or anyone who you’d like to send affirmations to, they are available for $15 each + the cost of postage (unless you are picking them up in person).


TO ORDER: Download and fill out an order form and then email, fax, or mail that form to us (information on the form). Payment can be made via PayPal, cheque, or credit card.





  • 1 calendar = $15 (+ $2.10 postage = $17.10)
  • 2 calendars = $30 (+ $2.75 postage = $32.75)
  • 3 calendars = $45 (+ $3.40 postage = $48.40)
  • 4 calendars = $60 (+ $4.00 postage = $64)
  • 5 calendars = $75 (+ $7.42 postage = $82.42)
  • 10 calendars = $150 (+ $8.28 postage = $158.28)
  • 20 calendars = $300 (+ $8.68 postage = $308.28)