An Integrated Anti-Oppression Framework for Reviewing and Developing Policy: A Toolkit for Community Service Organizations

This toolkit is designed to help community service organizations become better able to reflect the values, beliefs and life experiences of everyone in their community. In this way, they will become places rich with diversity and difference where everyone works to challenge and dismantle all forms of oppression.

The toolkit provides detailed information on how to conduct an anti-oppression review of your organization's policies.

Topics covered:

  • Why  do  we  need  to  look  at  policies?
  • What  community organizations can  do  to  challenge  social  inequality
  • What  is  integrated  anti-oppression?
  • How  is  it different  from  other  approaches  to  equity?
  • Applying  integrated anti-oppression to  policies
  • How  accessible  are  your  policies?
  • How  do  our  policies affect different people?

A Glossary of Anti-Oppression Terms and sample documents on the following are included:

  • Terms of Reference
  • Conflict Resolution Guidelines
  • Decision Making Chart



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