Biography: Pamela Cross

Pamela Cross is a feminist lawyer who works in the violence against women sector. She is well known and respected in legal reform circles, particularly for her expertise on family law issues as they relate to violence against women.

Pamela has worked as an educator and trainer on the topic of violence against women and the law for many years. She is an experienced trainer on the topic of recordkeeping, confidentiality and production of third party records as well as on family and criminal law, particularly as these topics relate to violence against women.

While she was the Legal Director at METRAC, she was responsible for the development of extensive public legal education materials and trainings for frontline workers and for women experiencing violence. She also developed the Ontario Women’s Justice Network. She was a member of the Management Committee of Family Law Education for Women (FLEW), Ontario’s largest public legal education project about family law for women. She has developed and delivered online courses on family law and violence against women. Pamela is a member of the teaching faculty with the National Judicial Institute, where she plans and delivers educational programs on violence against women to Canadian judges.

Working with Springtide Resources, Pamela develops and delivers family and criminal online courses for frontline workers. She has also worked on the development and delivery of educational materials about access to justice for people with communication disabilities. With Luke’s Place Support and Resource Centre, she is leading the development and delivery of online resources and training for frontline workers who support unrepresented women through family court as well as in-person training on the family court process for unrepresented women.